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Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Mutant is satire which takes the world's present condition on the brink of disaster seriously, but plays with it in a soft and silly, sometimes darkly humorous way.

Mutant was originally created by Äventyrsspel and written by Gunilla Johnsson and Mikael Petersén with much of the setting later detailed by Anders Blixt in the supplement Mutant 2. The second edition of the game "MUTANT: Heirs of Doom" was created by Järnringen.

The setting for the Last Ark is taken directly from the third and current edition of MUTANT: Year Zero, by Thomas Härenstam and the rest of the folks at Free League. In this world, the Old Age is just a distant memory, kept alive by the inhabitants of the survivor Arks. The technological remnants of the Old World are impenetrable mysteries written language are known only to the most devoted chroniclers or half-crazed Automatons of the dead old world.

But one by one the formerly-forbidden Zones are re-inhabited, and slowly a new age of civilization dawns.

Mutant has always been about creating a new society in a world that has long ago forgotten who we were and what we used to think of as important. By playing with this world, we might even get some fresh perspectives on our own reality.

We use Mutant with official license from Cabinet Entertainment and work with several of the authors who have written for this universe through the years.

Official MUTANT: Year Zero tabletop RPG webpage

Official MUTANT: Year Zero - Road to Eden computer game webpage

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