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Here is an overview of some of the Ark - characters you will meet during CRASH! You will play one of these fun freaky critters and explore their world from the inside! This list should give you an idea about the dynamics in the surviving Ark-crew and what kind of Mutants you will play with during the event. If a specific mutant character on this list catches your fancy, just write that in your ticket questions and we will do our best to make sure you can play it!

Characters are described like this: Name, Function on the Ark and a Short description.

Guster Gabriel

Boss Chosen Crusader Trusted advisor of the Archpriest. A virtuous and fiery leader of the Chosen.

Elmeth Eva

Boss First Deacon of the Chosen. Conductor of the Sunken Choir True believer in the path of Fishkrist. Always watching out for heresy, out of goodness.

Morigano - Aron

Boss Chosen Preacher The Archpriest's loyal follower, who sees a chance to follow a revelation and step out of the Oberpater's shadow.


Enforcer Wave Stalker, Kraken Close friend and companion of Morigano-Aron since they were spawn. Many Mutants are weary getting on Kolas infamous "shit list",


Gearhead Guardian of the Dawn Vault, Ark armorer and artificer. A junior part of the Old Command. Scraphead tech engineer, gunsmith, gadgeteer, workshop owner. Ark armorer. Loyal to the great Ark, but perhaps not to the faith or to the sea.


Gearhead Crewmember, part of N55 (Formerly Styx) Passionate gearhead who loves old tech and is a strong believer in equal rights. Burdened with glorious purpose.

Marlian Stalker

Wave Stalker, Fish Hunters A sorrowful and kind mutant of the sea who has lost someone important to him. A natural born wave stalker.


Wave Stalker, Fish Hunters Brave and kind wave stalker. A friend of Marlian's, has also experienced a loss but is still curious about the future.


Wave Stalker, Leviathan Wave stalker who has seen some shit. Loyal to his team first and the Ark second. Former fighter from the slavers junk atolla with a bleeding heart for those who can't defend themselves.


Gearhead/Chronicler Engine crew, proprietor of Mao's Museum of Art, N55 Older mutant. Artifact collector, who buys old tech that belong in the Dawn Vault. Loves everything about the old world. Unofficial Chronicler.

"Fingers" Obed

Free Slave Galley worker. A slave with a child's faith and a butchers skills. Skins and cooks whatever he can catch, but survival as a slave leaves scars.


Fixer Wave Stalker, Seal Wave stalker with a sidegescheft as a blackmarket trader. Every Arklander has bought or sold something to Benso at one point.


Boss Old Command officer One of the last bridge officers of the Old Command. They lead by Captain's right and naval law and always has the best in mind for the Arklanders. At least that's what he says.

Doctor Leodor

Chronicler / Medic Ark Doctor, Engine crew Mao once called him a "Budget Frankenstein". This refined medical doctor struggles to understand Mutations and other blessings of the sea.

Wood Wood

Enforcer Galley worker. Retired Wave Stalker A veteran of the long conflict against the slavers of the Junk Atolla Wood has found peace in simple life. Then life is suddenly not so simple anymore. Was once a part of the team of the Kraken.


Enforcer Old Command Personal enforcer of the Captain's second-in-command, Rasper.


Medic Wave Stalker, Team of Seal Medic and natural-made water mutant with unclear alliances and a goal of her own.


Chef Galley worker. The Lead Chef of the Galley has an enourmous appetite and a hot temper. Is also pretty hard to kill, due to his increased healing. Not that you would.

Captain Leif-Einar

Boss The Old Captain The Old Captain never leaves the bridge. Did he die during the crash or where has he gone?


Boss Old Command The Bosun of the Silver Ark, Velver is the link between the Old Command and the general crew.


Bit of everything? General crew, N55 First Deckhand. A mostly very well-liked and friendly mutant, who always seems to find luck, wherever he goes - sometimes leading to the bad luck of others.


Fixer Ark Messenger. Do you need something discreetly delivered to someone else? Or are you looking for some kind of information on an Arklander? Survo is here to help. Former choir-singer tragically cast out of the Chosen, now your favourite helping hand.


Gearhead General crew, N55 The former Ark-slave has finally made a new life for herself as a gearhead.


Enforcer A former Old Command officer, who's hidden among the Galley workers ever since a tragic accident.

Kaninka Nova Faith Chronicler Chosen, Sea singer The sea singer Kaninka Nova hears the voices of the angels, sometimes whispered through the shrooms he seems to always be talking about.

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