Arklander Culture: Style and Gear

Arklander colors are those of the sea and the sky. White, blue, grey and faded black for loyalty - red and orange, like the setting sun, holy wrath and burning heathen ships.  The clothes are often relics of the Old World and have been worn for generations. Patched, torn, repaired and pieced together. Covered in stains from salt, bird-shit and fish-gut. Many garments were once military or maritime gear, combat webbing, life-vests, rugged boots, wet suits, helmets, naval uniforms, woolen caps and raincoats. But just as many began as ordinary jeans, chinos, dresses, sports- and leather jackets and were. A common practice among wave-stalkers is to sew pieces of Float (polystyrene, pieces of wood, light plastics etc) into the garments, so they act like life-vests when the Mutant is in the water. Knee- and elbow- protection (any sports or military variant) is also common.   Newly-woven fabrics exist but are rare, and when they appear they are often net-like, loose and made from scrap-plastics. The higher members of the Chosen have their pick of gathered clothing, and sometimes wear more luxurious items that are not practical for sea faring, but might be impressive during sermons. Holy symbols such as anchors, birds and fish are common decorations. Generally the Arklanders look quite uniform in their diversity, but each group have a set of traditional symbols or colors. For instance, the Wavestalkers always have a red garment and often paint holsters and guns red or orange.

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