ADAPTION - The Zone Dwellers attack!

Welcome to the battle for Arkland!

In this letter you will find practical details and tips for participating in ADAPTION, the second stand-alone event in the Last Ark saga. ADAPTATION is all about the culmination of the conflict between the Arkland colony and a temporary union of Zone dweller tribes and gangs known as “The Green”. These groups called the islands of the zone home long before the Chosen of Fishchrist settled and they’re determined to take it back, working side by side even with old enemies to resist the invaders. The Arklanders see themselves as the light of the future, bringing peace, progress, faith and equality to the zone. They don’t quite understand the Zonedweller’s hostility but they suspect it has something to do with their alliance with the machine intelligence that guards their island.


ADAPTION is held on Stora Höggarn and the surrounding islands, skerries and waters. The Ark, harbour and parts of the decaying cistern-area is known as ArkLand.

The rest of the island and surrounding waters is The Zone, the still untamed area where various factions of mutants, zone-ghouls and even stranger creatures still hold sway. One of the nearby islands, known as the “Green Isle”, has become a safe haven for a small band of ArkLand defectors and militant zone-mutants who see no option but all-out war against the Ark. The Green Isle is “Lilla Höggarn”. Please note that Lilla Höggarn is used under “the right to roam” and no permanent constructions will be raised there. Instead the inhabitants of the Green Isle live in tents and in water-vessels anchored around it’s rocky beach.

These main play areas for CRASH are center stage in our story, but many excursions and desperate artifact hunts may happen to other places you find on the map and perhaps beyond!


Travel to the island will happen Wednesday the 19th from Riset Brygga from 15.00 until we’re all across. You may have to wait a little while, so bring a bottle of water. Also make sure to have eaten lunch and consider bringing a light afternoon snack. You’ll get dinner on the island, but you might get hungry before.

If you’re traveling from Slussen, take bus 444 to Nämdöstigen at 13.51, change in Orminge, to 421 towards Tegelövägen and get off at Risetvägen. From there it’s a 1,2 km walk through a residential neighbourhood down to the brygga.

You can also travel in style, by taking the Vaxholm ferry from Slussen 15.03 or Gåshaga 15.35 directly to Riset. See the travel schedule here.

An über from söder is 2-300. Remember that you cannot use the front seat.

For Friday arrivals with 2-day tickets, there’s a morning pick-up at Riset at 10.00.

We may want to bring a face mask to use on public transport and inside our transport boat, Thunderchild. Don’t come, if you’re running a fever or coughing.

On the Island:

The day before an event like this is always a bit chaotic and hectic, as we organizers have a lot of tasks to juggle and some participants are still working on finishing costumes or construction on the island. To minimize stress we try to adhere to the schedule below and strongly advise all players to arrive with all their gear ready to go. There may be some spare time for last fixes but don’t count on it.


17.00 - Workshop 1 - Island orientation and playing conflict, victory, surrender and struggle. We co-create battle-cries, songs and typical tactics for both initial factions.

19.00 Approximate dinner time

21.00 - Workshop 2 - Culture workshop. Arklanders and Zone dwellers separate for this workshop, focusing on social relations within each group and creating our competing cultures together.

23.00 - Lights out

Thursday 09.00 - Breakfast

10.30 - Gather for last minute questions / info.

11.00 - Workshop 2 - Prelude to war. This workshop is the intro to the game. You will be placed in a starting position and follow the instructions given over the PA system until a klaxon sounds, signalling that the siege of ArkLand, and the game, has begun.

12.00 Game start


ADAPTION is a story about violent conflict and the aftermath that follows. But war is just the beginning. The peace process that follows, infiltration and betrayal, continued resistance and the evolving relationship between winners and losers of a war are some of the central themes of the event.

But like all events in the Last Ark series these dramatic events are there to create very personal experiences of emotional and social struggle. You’ll probably get the most out of the experience, if you engage with all parts of it.

Green or Red?

At the end of CRASH, the vast majority of the Arklanders sided with mysterious Intelligence. But a handful, led by a renegade priest, joined the Green. These defectors will initially belong to the Zonedweller side of the conflict, but after the war they will likely be re-integrated in the Ark, perhaps continuing to serve their enigmatic master, a being some know as The Hydra or The Kraken. Our intention is that after the first intense day and night of battle, all characters will be free to switch sides and be welcomed as ambassadors in either group, opening the entire play area to all characters. The color of war of the Ark is Red. Arklander insignia and banners feature stylized fish, triangles and hexagons (drawn from N55 lore), sea-fowl and crosses.

The color of war of the Zonedwellers is Green. Zonedweller markings differ widely between the different factions but three green lines (perhaps war-paint, markings on the side of a boat, banners or markings on armor) mark a mutant as part of the Green coalition to free the zone from Ark occupation. Bringing some red and green paint is a good idea. Especially since your character may decide to switch sides during the event.

End of Game and Return:

The larp will end Saturday evening/night, after which we’ll be doing some sort of spread-out after partying.

Sunday, we’ll spend the morning hours helping each other clean up after the larp.

Expect the first boats to leave for Riset around noon. If you need to be back on land earlier than that, let us know in advance. Language

To aid in the creation of cultural conflict, Arklanders will communicate primarily in English and Zone dwellers almost exclusively in Swedish. As a Zone-mutant, pretend you know only limited English and vice-versa.

Last minute Zonedwellers wanted!

Have a friend or five who would like to join the action? It’s not to late for Zonedwellers to sign up for 2 or 4 day tickets on! We strive to make the game exceptionally beginner-friendly and the huge range of character types found in the Green union should allow new participants to play their favourite post-apocalyptic stereotype or dream with great ease.

Vakna Arkis!

Stilla. Du dör zondöden om du så mycket som hostar! Vi e fler. Kom fram systrar! Sikta på den men inte döda den än. . Bra. Sitt ner lilla fiskelisken och upp med fenorna!

Lyssna noga. Du hör inte hemma här. Du är inte ensam. Vi är dussin stammar. Mer. Vi är Röjas Döttrar. Du har inget som vi vill ha. Utom kanske det här fina kadundret. Men som du ser är det inte ditt längre. Är det här hålet som man laddar? Då borde det här hålet vara det man dödar med.

Sådärja. Är du skrajj nu? Det borde du vara. Din Kristefisk och Kapitän är säkert jättemäktiga där ute på det döda blå. Inte här. Här i Musközonen är de nya. Svaga. Och bara de starkaste överlever den förbjudna zonen.

Lätt va? Jag har slagits för varenda burk med krubb och klunk sötvatten jag smakat. Mina klansystrar har jag spöat i envig, påker och rövkrok. Wiklund Boys, Blackbergare, Nova-sektare och annat pack har jag blött, dränkt och skjutit. Nu slåss vi sida vid sida och jag har jag fångat min första Arkländare. En helt vanlig Fredag i Zonen. Jag är starkare än dig. Så jag bestämmer.

Vi behöver inte eran Ark. Vi har redan plundrat tre bosättningar på fastlandet som kallat sig för ”Arken”. Alla trodde att just dom var skiten. Undergångens arvtagare, elektriska barn, gryningstidens härförare. Alla är borta nu. Arkar brända. Sakgömmor plundrade. Mutanter uppätna eller förslavade.

Och den där Cybern ni gjort om till eran gud va? Inte vår kompis heller. Vi skaldar fortfarande om Rona och Raggi som sövde ner den för länge sen innan den kunde döda hela zonen. Just det, Assa är inte er kompis. Gengångarcybers bryr sig inte ett skit om mutanter serru.

Ni är galna och lurade. Alla Arkisar är det. Ni sover lursömnen. Men nu kommer vi i sundet med släckta lyktor och tyst paddel för att väcka er med kadunder och knivar. Prickar er i kolmörker varje gång! Låt mig visa. Hmm. Krånglig picka det här...det där är säkringen va? Oj.

Fan. Sorry för kladdet. Bra jävla kadunder det här måste jag erkänna.

Öronen hit systrar! Vi måste hitta en ny Arkis nu och få fram hotet va. Vi kan inte dra hem innan det är gjort det fattar ni va? Gröning-prällen skulle mata oss till trädet om de fick höra om det här så knip käft ok!?!

Men fan asså. Sluta garva nu. Det var ett misstag fattar ni väl. Oi. Vad gör ni?!? Försiktigt för rötan! Ge tebaks kadundret Valle, det är ladd…

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