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The next series of Mutant larps will be played entirely in Scandinavian. But it you appreciate the challenge, you are welcome to sign up! The main Rules are in English, but we're afraid machine translation will have to suffice for the rest. 

Our last MUTANT larp campaign, The Last Ark, was set in the Year Zero era, perhaps a century after the great Crash.

This period, known as the Twillight by the denizens of our upcoming campaign, is internationally known from the Free League TTRPG and the computer game "Road to Eden". It made sense to run the game in a mix of English and Swedish because of the international fandom. The same cannot be said for the Age of Dawn, the original setting of Mutant, hundreds of years further into the future.

This setting, best described in “Mutant: Undergångens Arvtagare”, is much loved locally but almost completely unknown and inaccessible to non- Swedish- speakers. It’s humour, language jokes and cultural references are frankly largely untranslatable.

"Knaset i Kuserud", our next campaign will be played completely in Swedish, with some Danish and Norwegian- speakers mixing it up. We don't want the game to turn into an English- speaking event, so you will have a hard time communicating. 

We will designate Swedish- speaking players who also know English, or your local language, as translators. Only they will be playing that they understand what you are saying, even if the others most certainly do.

As a non- Scandinavian speaker you will be lost in an alien world where no one understands you, and you must slowly learn the language, customs and culture. But most likely you will do so as a stalwart little crew of international adventurers!

In the setting, faraway travelers are rare indeed, but it's plausible that a few sailors from Albion, Nowa Warsawa, Zlota zelest or Baltmark were in Göborgs harbour when they heard about a rich junk- find north of the relativley friendly city- state. These junk- fever afflicted fortune- seekers have found that the Scandian wilds are brutal and it's people xenophobic and hostile.

If you are up for the adventure, an experience like no other awaits in the abandoned quarry and ruins of Kuserud. 

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