The Last Ark is created by You.
With design and facilitation by:

Martin Ericsson - design, production, writing, project management

Freja Gyldenstrøm - design, writing, project management

Johan Holm - economy and corporate (Skärgårdszonen AB) 

Jimmy Boqvist - location management

Tina Babelina - production, kitchen and projections

Johan Lyllo - production, sound and light

Ty Tugwell - logistics, construction

Aron Mattson - photography, production and special effects 

With help from: 

Sanna Deliana Valapuro - character writing

Sanna Li Benemar - site management

Maria Krylova - production, illustrations and "The Last Patrol" storyline

Marco Regazzoni - boating 

Karl Bergström - runtime GM and design consultant 

David Pettersson-Bekk - prop making, construction

Marcus Engstrand - site support

Thomas Gefion - event medic

Anders Davén - sanity soldier

Mojje - Kitchen

Jonny Nelson and Sappers Pyro for epic larp pyrotechnics

Martin Höppe, Bettina Bard, Kenny Svensson and Lisa Nordemo - NPC team

Sarah Burchill - prop makingThor Forsell - consultation

Tomas Härenstam - texts from Year Zero

Anders Muammar - The "Lonely Soul" robot and additional set design

Reine Rosenberg - illustrations from Year Zero

Sebastian Utbult - additional writing

Magnus Wallin - additional photos

Special guests: 

Tomas Härenstam - Creator of MUTANT - Year Zero

Anders Blixt - Co-creator of the MUTANT setting

The credits list will grow as the project develops. 



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