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2020 by Skärgårdszonen AB


A trilogy of live roleplaying events set a century after the great collapse that ended humanity. But you are not human. You’re a mutant zone-survivor, and this weird new world belongs to you! 

CRASH 25-28 June, ADAPTION 19-23 August and  CELEBRATION 17-20 September on an island near Stockholm.  Sign up open now! 

The 1500-3000 sek tickets include boat ride, fun effective workshops, food and a place to sleep and either a written character description or help to create your own crazy post apocalypse crew!

The Last Ark events are co-created and highly physical experiences about scarcity, the joy of breaking free from the old world and perhaps most of all, about the people who manage to build a good future from the ruins of a very bad past.


Many generations ago, your ancestors launched the Silver Ark to escape the End of Days. Against all odds they survived. 


For as long as you can remember, your reality has been shaped by life in the belly of the Ark – her cramped quarters, the movements and moods of the ocean, the cult-like hierarchies of the crew and the constant hum of the reactors and the double salt cleaners. Now you must prepare to leave it all behind. 

Soon the Silver Ark will land on a mysterious island in the Muskö Zone. The ancient Captain is approaching death and his control is slipping. The 200 souls, who until recently made up the crew of the Ark, will be forced to adapt.

They aren't as human as humanity once was, but mutated, warped and in some ways weakened. If there is anything they're good at, though, it is adaption. 

To survive and thrive, the Ark crew must now create society anew, make peace with the outlandish sea tribes of the Zone and build a permanent settlement by cannibalizing the great wreck of the Ark and its way of life.

However, the island itself hides an ancient secret. As the Mutants will slowly discover, it has a will of its own and inhabitants who are much, much further from humanity than they.

The tales of the Last Ark begin at a new dawn, a new year Zero. How they end is up to you.




The Last Ark series consist of three stand-alone co-created live events. set in the classic Swedish post-apocalyptic roleplaying game world MUTANT. The events will take place on a small isolated island just outside of Stockholm in the summer of 2020. 


As a part of the Last Ark, we'll be taking apart and re-purposing existing structures, oil cisterns, shipwrecks and forgotten island junk to build a real mutant rust town! In the process, the different cultures of the Zone will clash and a new society be created. Each roleplaying event will mark a stage in its development. 

We invite you to take part by becoming one of the mutants from the Ark or zone dwellers who roam the area. 

HOW Does it Happen? 

Read the detailed step-by-step guide here.


To take part, you sign up and receive a pre-written mutant character belonging to the Ark crew or create your own weird and fantastic Zone dweller. Through your character, you'll be a part of developing the diverse cultures of the Zone and building towards a new dawn in the ruins of the old civilization. 


All events in The Last Ark - series are designed to be accessible to newcomers, who do not have previous experience with roleplaying or other co-created events. 

The style of play will focus on simulation and doing things for real. We strive for a minimum of rules and a maximum of experience. Sense of smell, fights, whims, unexpected encounters, power struggles, cooking, and seemingly lethargic fishing trips will be just as important as the personal stories of the characters. 

Together we create a different life and play out a creation myth, where harsh commandments and violence inherited from the dark days of old give way to new closeness and cultural triumphs. There will be space to get lost - experiment with cannibalism or other social conditions that seem strange or vicious to us as players. But from the relative darkness of the story’s beginning, from initial crisis and power struggle, it will steadily get better.


In this story, the future is harsh but essentially hopeful.


Mutant was launched in 1984 and has much in common with settings like Fallout, Gamma World and Metro 2033, but Mutant is set in Scandinavia. It was originally created by Äventyrsspel and written by Gunilla Johnsson and Mikael Petersén with much of the setting later detailed by Anders Blixt in the supplement Mutant 2. The second edition of the game "MUTANT: Heirs of Doom" was created by Järnringen.

The setting for the Last Ark is taken directly from the third and current edition of MUTANT: Year Zero, by Thomas Härenstam and the rest of the folks at Free League.  

Official MUTANT: Year Zero tabletop RPG webpage https://frialigan.se/sv/games/mutant-ar-noll/

Official MUTANT: Year Zero - Road to Eden computer game webpage https://www.mutantyearzero.com/#1


This is a darkly humorous world hundreds of years after the Crash. The surface of the earth is inhabited by mutated people, monsters and speaking animals. The Old Age is now only a memory, and new communities rise from the rubble of the survivor Arks. One by one the broken Forbidden Zones are re-inhabited and a new age of civilization dawns.

The technological remnants of the Old World are impenetrable mysteries to most of the Zone's inhabitants. The written language of the past known only to the most devoted chroniclers or half-crazed Automatons of the dead old world.

In MUTANT: Year Zero - The Last Ark we create a solar punk settlement together, a shining beacon of hope in a dark Zone, lit up by something other than the glow of atomic radiation. 

It's a satire which takes the world's present condition on the brink of disaster seriously, but plays with it in a soft and silly, sometimes darkly humorous way.

We use Mutant with official license from Cabinet Entertainment and work with several of the authors who have written for this universe through the years. 

Mutant has always been a story about the time after the apocalypse, when the various groups of survivors begin to work together again after a long age of strife. It’s about creating a new society in a world that has long ago forgotten who we were and what we used to think of as important.

By starting again, from Year Zero, we might even get some fresh ideas to take back with us into our present reality. 


During and between the events, we gradually repurpose the Ark into the surreal rust-castle city of our mutual dreams.

You don't have to do hard labour on the island to play, but the development of the Ark will be a big part of the events. That might mean building your own one-Mutant clay sauna, painting a mural or tending to the herb garden. You are however super welcome to take part in our building weekends - there will also be special subsidized tickets for those who want to join our building crews before events.

The structures created for the Last Ark series will be allowed to remain permanently on the island and evolve over time to become part in an increasingly self-supporting and working model of a post-crash village. We will be taking most of our materials from the shipwrecks and old oil cisterns that at present define the landscape of the island. 


A dance in the ruins. A new beginning. A co-created escape from our contemporary age to explore future alternatives for a life in the dawn after the Crash.



"You are the spawn of humanity, but not quite human. You are twisted funhouse images, mutated freaks. Your bodies and minds have incredible powers, but you are unstable. Fragile."

- Mutant: Year Zero

Mutants are weird, fucked up, strange and quirky. Even if their mutations are not always visible, they move, speak and behave in ways that would be considered freaky, scary, funny or disgusting to us as players. This is one of the best things with the Mutant setting - you don’t have to play nice, sexy, polite, well-spoken or clean to fit in. In fact you shouldn’t.


For the last few generations, the crew of the Silver Ark and many other mutants have struggled with infertility. It's been decades since a Mutant child was born. As one of the consequences, mutants don't really focus on sex or traditional amorous relationships. No-one cares what’s between a Mutants legs and in the Silver Ark it’s a well known fact that dividing humans into different genders was a contributing factor to the Crash. Instead, sharing a slimefish, a hiding place or having mutual enemies are some of the things that create intimate bonds. There is still prejudice and intolerance on the Ark, but they are very different from the ones we're used to.


All events will include workshops to help us find our inner Mutant through body language and voice. Please note that the crew of the Ark and almost all inhabitants of the Zone are human mutants as opposed to the intelligent animal mutants that will become a common sight after the fall of Genlab Alpha some years in the future. Future “seasons” of Mutant larps may include animal mutants as playable characters, as well as the Automatons and other newcomers.


Common mutations of the Silver Ark

Resistance to rot (toxins, disease and radiation)

Direction glands (always know where north is)

Pointy ears, colored (often bluish or greenish) skin or other cosmetic changes that are all interpreted as signs of being Pure in the eyes of the Silverkrist Godhead. 

Poison fangs or claws (paralyzes prey)

Empathic snout (allows the mutant to smell emotions and when someone is lying)

Pheromone glands (a strong musky body odor that makes the mutant very persuasive at close range)  


The mutant crew of the ark are dressed in the ragged remains of the life-vests, uniforms and civilian clothes worn by the original crew. A century later they are almost unrecognizable. Rust, dirt, fat and salt stain the fabrics and every single piece of clothing is heavily patched, modified, armored and decorated to suit the needs of the cultures of the ark. Similarly, the costumes of the zone dwellers are stained with mud, patched with leather and pieces of rubber. Land-based mutants often wear metal pieces of armor made from scrap metal and tires.


Your costume can be as simple or elaborate as you wish, based on the images from Mutant and the instructions you will get after your character is decided on. Many groups are recognizable through a common use of color, painted symbols or ancient logotypes. Please watch a few videos by the inimitable Nuclear Snail, the Youtube master of post-apocalypse fashion for the best and most fun methods to build and distress your gear to look awesome. 


During the first event, “Crash”,  we focus exclusively on the mutants of the Silver Ark.


The Silver Ark mutants are divided into crew cults. Some have existed since the Ark set sail, many were created when groups of survivors joined the original crew and came to fulfill some function on board. During its lifetime, the Ark destroyed many smaller vessels, assimilating their crews, raided coastal settlements and recruited specific groups of pirates, enclave researchers or fishing mutants to acquire the talents, mutations and technologies it needed to survive.

Examples include:

The chosen of Silverkrist is the most powerful and numerous culture aboard. They 
adhere to a bizarre form of Christianity adapted from Laestadianism blended with Anthroposophy. They see mutations as the blessing of the fish-god, their leaders are preachers, and singing, dancing and ecstatic prayer is at the heart of their highly communal lifestyle. According to their belief, the Ark will sail until all members of the crew are “pure” and ascend into Heaven carried by metal angels. Touching dry land is supposed to be forbidden and stranding on the island is a great blow to the power of the preachers. 

N55 is a semi-secret resistance group opposing the power of the preachers by encouraging settlement on land. They are the keepers of the forbidden Manuals; text files and images preserved from a long forgotten arts collective of the same name. Stranding on the island and rebuilding society in a new way is exactly what they have prepared for. Find the Manuals here: http://www.n55.dk/


The Wave-Stalkers are the last remnants of an elite military unit incorporated with the Ark several generations ago. They are allowed to roam far from the Ark in their small armed vessels and often raid other ships or go on extended exploration trips to dry land in order to supply the Ark with reserve-parts, grub, artifacts and captives. They support the power of the Chosen with their talent for violence, their lovingly-maintained diving gear and their military-grade hardware. They will be the only group who have visited the island before the start of the first event and have faced its threats at great cost. They are ruled by military ranks but are divided in their opinions on if and how the island should be settled. 

Note that it’s perfectly cool to play an Arklander during one event and a Zone-dweller at another.



During the second and third events, “Adaption” and “Celebration”, you can sign up as one of a dozen different Zone-dweller groups or even create your own group from scratch. These groups are often (initially) hostile to the crew of the Silver Ark. Some examples:


Zone-Ghouls are a close-knit, nomadic and violently xenophobic tribe of nocturnal mutants, clad in masks and ragged dark cloaks to hide their severe deformities. They are known to be hostile and very dangerous to Arklanders, but hide a secret that may save the Last Ark.


The Nova Sect is a procession of seemingly non-mutated humans in makeshift vessels, clad in long dark robes, slowly make their way across the waters of the zone. Perhaps they are on a pilgrimage. For some reason, they settle on or near the Island. When approached, they treat strangers like they were the ghosts of the dead or spirits of the old age. They have strange powers and understand the Old World in ways that are simultaneously threatening and enticing.  

Helldivers of Scrap IslandWave-stalkers talk about an artificial junk island slowly drifting along the coast. Dangerously close to the Island. Settlements are attacked, boats stolen and mutants captured and sold into slavery to the masters of this terrible floating city of rust and blood. Now a delegation from Scrap Island approach the Ark under a white flag of truce – but can they be trusted?


Your own group! If you have an idea for a Zone-dweller group, please contact us and we will fit you into the story of the Last Ark.

Note that if you have a group from another post-apocalyptic event like “Blodsband” or "Dystopia Rising" it’s very easy for us to convert that group to the story of the Last Ark and integrate it into the MUTANT setting. 


Note that it’s perfectly cool to play an Arklander during one event and a Zone dweller at another.


All MUTANT events are open (everyone is welcome and should be treated equally no matter who they are) and co-created (we help each other both in- and outside of the fiction). 

We are all responsible for our own and each other’s safety while on the island. That means lending a hand when you can, trusting your fellow players to know what they're doing and keeping a clear head. 

Be attentive and never be afraid to discreetly check in with other players. It's always cool to break character (by saying "RED" or tapping out" or gently slowing down a scene (by saying “YELLOW”). It is also encouraged to signal that you want fellow players to go harder (by saying “GREEN).

Since we're on an island, we'll have at least one licensed and trained EMT on site and awake at all times. There will also be a small off-game medbay equipped with first aid-gear and heart-starters and a speedboat plus emergency car on standby to bring players in need of serious medical care to a hospital nearby.

For comfort and rest breaks, we'll have a small non-fiction area, where you can chill and talk to one of our volunteer hosts about whatever. You'll always be able to leave the fiction, if you want to.

First and foremost, we take care of our selves and our fellow players! 




June 25 -  28: CRASH

(Arklanders only)

The Captain is old and the Ark is about to go on ground. The crew must gather the courage to leave the ship. A small part of the island is explored. Pressure cooker that explodes in civil war as the old regime ends and something new begins.

We meet at 12.00 Thursday and will be done by 18.00 Sunday.

August 19 - August 23: ADAPTION

(Arklanders and Zone dwellers) 

It's been years and the island still hasn't given up all its secrets. The settlers become aware that they don't have the island to themselves. As even more strangers arrive from sea, a crisis must be managed. Tense meetings between radically different groups of survivors. 

We meet at 12.00 Wednesday and will be done by 18.00 Sunday.

September 17 - 20: CELEBRATION 

(Arklanders and Zone dwellers) 

10 years have passed since the landing. The Ark is almost unrecognizable, enriched and made stranger by the peoples and crews that have made it their home. There's a new light on the horizon, and even the island hums along with the Gigakräft celebrations as it counts down to 0. Festival, friendly competitions and grotesque, riotous fun.

We meet at 12.00 Thursday and will be done by 18.00 Sunday.

Each event is a full experience in itself. Sign up to one or several, depending on which of the themes that interest you the most. 


The Last Ark series takes place at Skärgårdszonen Living Arts Island outside of Stockholm. As it isn't possible to access the island without a boat, transport to location from Stockholm will be included in any event ticket. 

Throughout the spring and summer, we'll go out there and back again regularly, so it will be possible to go to the island and work on building projects, for those who want to make their mark on the island. 

We provide: a place to sleep, something to eat and access to toilets and water. From the beginning of the summer, expect conditions to be primitive. We want to confront the mutant crew with the wilderness of the uninhabited and abandoned. As we expand the settlement, the lives of the settlers will become more comfortable, as they find a desire to express themselves artistically, develop new cultural values and move away from the primitive and harsh rules of the old Ark.

You will provide your own gear and transport to and from the pick-up location in Stockolm. 


The Tower of Babel was a construction by the Ancients, so high it almost reached into Heaven, built on the pride of humanity. It was never finished, as God punished his creations with many languages, so they could not understand each other, nor the technology they had mastered.


The main languages of the Last Ark will be Swedish and English. But the mutants have different forefathers, and you may speak several more languages among each other during the events.



Until the first of March tickets for each of the three events at a special reduced price: 

Arklanders (written character): 2000 sek

Zone Dwellers (write your own): 1500 sek 


When these are sold out we will release the remaining 100 - 700 full price tickets (2000-2500 sek). The last month before each event, these will be sold at a higher "Last Minute" price.

For those who want to join our building team, there will be a number of heavily-reduced builder's tickets available soon (join our mailing list). 

Up until two weeks before each event, tickets can be resold and transferred, as long as you let us know. 

Everyone 18 or above is welcome. Players 15-17 are welcome if they have written permission from a caregiver.

We practice a “first-come-first served” policy in ticket sales. There may be some groups reserved for players with special skills or abilities, such as groups only open to sight-impaired players, Arabic speakers, skilled welders or players with scuba diving certificates.

The events are financed equally through a generous arts-grant from Kulturbryggan and ticket sales. The estimated total budget of the event series is 2-3 MSEK.


Reach us at organizers@mutantzone.com


A Living Arts Island


The structures we build on the island will become the foundation of a permanent center of living arts. They will not be taken down after we are done, but will remain as a permanent sculpture park and event space. 

You can rent it when MUTANT events are not running. 


Upcoming Events
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The Last Ark 2: ADAPTION (MUTANT: Year Zero larp)
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